I thought I’d write a quick blog on Art Therapy And Drawing With Emotions, as I’m going through lots of different emotions at the moment due to coming off a particular medicine. I have taken this medicine for more than 10 years and although it has served me well, my situation is now very different and I’m told there maybe another type of medicine that can help me with my night terrors. I’ll give anything a go!!!

I know that many people are finding life a struggle at the moment and I thought that I would share a little wisdom as it may be of help. Did you know that drawing can really help you with your emotions?

As you know I’m an artist by trade and creating my art gives the little girl inside of me room to breathe. I have come to realise and accept that she is very important to me and my well-being. When I create she takes over and creates with her amazing intuition and emotion.

Emotion is one of those things we are told not to show. Stay strong and keep on keeping on. But what happens when you can no longer keep on keeping on? What then?

It’s really important to feel our emotions and acknowledge them, otherwise we end up being rather poorly and over stressed.

At the moment, I’m being forced to confront lots of memories and back flashes. Taking time out to create is necessary. It’s like food for my mind.

But what should you create when you are feeling a certain emotion? When your head is full and going ten times to the dozen, you can rarely think straight, let alone think about what you should create.

This is where art therapy comes in and can really help you with your emotions. I’m a huge advocate of art therapy and it’s benefits. Art Therapy And Drawing With Emotions is a great way of getting you creating and at the same time soothing your emotions.

This excersise is to do with drawing. You don’t have to be an artist to draw. Everyone can draw, I promise, and everyone draws in their own way which makes it even more special. So don’t think, I can’t draw so I can’t do this. You can, I promise!!!

So take a pencil or a pen in your hand. It doesn’t matter what kind, just one you feel comfortable with. Now begin to draw…..

Within time you will feel your thoughts becoming more harmonious and you will start to calm down.

-When you are TIRED , draw flowers. Drawing flowers helps reenergize your mind and clear brain fog.

-When you’re ANGRY, draw lines. Curved lines, straight lines, whatever lines you like.

-When you’re in PAIN, build a model or do a puzzle to help distract your mind.

-When you’re BORED, try colouring.

-When you’re SAD, paint a rainbow.

-When you’re SCARED, knit something to make you feel secure.

-If you’re WORRIED, make a doll.

-If you’re feeling INDIGNANT, tear up pieces of paper and arrange them into patterns.

-If you’re ANXIOUS, try folding some origami.

-When you’re TENSE, draw patterns.

-If you’re feeling NOSTALGIC, draw a maze.

When you’re DISSAPOINTED, copy a portrait or painting.

-If you’re CONFUSED, draw a mandala.

-If you’re feeling DESPAIR, draw your way out of it.

-If you need STRENGTH, paint a beautiful landscape.

-If you CAN’T FEEL YOUR FEELINGS, draw a self portrait.

-If you need to REMEMBER this moment, draw coloured patterns.

-If you’re MIND IS A MESS, draw squares or honeycombs.

-If you need to MAKE A GOOD CHOICE, draw waves and circles.

-If you’re in a RUT, draw some spirals.

-When you NEED TO REACH A GOAL, draw a target.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on. I hope these tips will help you a little. I would even suggest this for your child/children. If they are feeling a little angry or upset, worried or anxious, give this a go. It really does help.

If you would like to use my colouring page to colour in you can find it here.

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