Hi everyone! I have finally finished making a tutorial for how to make your own elephant with mixed media art techniques. A long name, I know. This is my first ever blog!!!!! Yep! It’s all new, so I’m still learning but I need to share my mixed media art techniques with you. I have a unique style and I know so many of you love watching me make my mixed media art. So, what better way to share with you than to create this blog to show you how I make this beautiful elephant enabling you to then make your own!!!! How good is that……. So, let’s get on with it….
  • Download the free template from my website here 
  • Make sure your work surface is clean before you start
  • Trace the image onto tracing paper using a soft pencil
  • Turn the image over and place over your chosen coloured piece of paper
  • Rub over the image with your soft pencil onto your piece of paper
  • Once done, you will see that you have transferred your template onto your piece of paper
  • Time to draw around the outline of your elephant
  • I have chosen a gold pen to do this but they also come in silver
  • Take your time and try to be as precise as possible
  • Don’t worry if you make mistakes as you can easily cover these up later with a rhinestone or a paper flower
  • Wait for the ink to dry before rubbing the pencil lines out with a rubber
  • Spread all your decorations, pens and glue around you so that they are within reach
  • You will also need a scrap bit of very thin card to put your glue on, a toothpick, to help you apply glue to tricky small decorations and a newspaper to put under your art when using glitter.
You are now ready to decorate!!!! Yay!
 Start with the flower on the back of the elephant. This forms a good base to work from. You can either follow me step by step in the videos, or you can go freestyle, follow your own flow and fill it in however you want to. 
Other items I have used in this demonstration are; gel pensposca pensmolotow penspermapaque markerspapermania pensglitterliquid pearls and stickles. Tips:
  • Use small spots of glue at a time which makes it easier to control and ensurea that it doesn’t go everywhere
  • Use newspaper to collect your glitter after sprinkling to make it easier to control
  • Transfer your glitter into larger pots or containers making it easier to add the unused glitter back into after sprinkling
  • Use a blusher brush to gently brush the areas decorated with glitter to remove any excess glitter
  • Leave the glittered parts to dry out thoroughly before continuing
How To Make Your Own Elephant With Mixed Media Art Techniques
Here is the finished piece!
I love making this mixed media art elephant. She always looks slightly different, but I love her every time. She has such a playful and happy nature and just makes me smile. I hope you enjoy making her as much as I do. Happy making!!! If you would like me to make you your very own bespoke elephant you can find her here See my other blog posts here You can find me here: Facebook/Instagram/Happy Homes FB Group/Pinterest/You Tube/Join My Newsletter

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