Greeting Card Yellow Butterfly

This pretty Greeting Card Yellow Butterfly is a print from an original artwork.


Greeting Card Yellow Butterfly


This pretty Greeting Card Yellow Butterfly is a print from an original artwork. Measuring 80 x 60 cms the original piece of this stunning butterfly is a sight to behold. With this greeting card, you can give a little taste of that butterfly. The butterfly is full of swirls and hearts, which take you on a wonderful journey of shapes. Just as beautiful as a real butterfly.

This greeting card makes an original and unique card for those butterfly or insect lovers amongst us. It can also be given as a celebration of life. Just as the caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly, this greeting card can be given to someone who is at an important point in their lives.


Special service:

Would you like me to send this card to your friend or family member on your behalf? No problem. This is a part of the special service I pride myself on. I can save you time and energy in doing so and the best can order and then forget about it. No hassle! Leave it up to me to get your card to it's destination.

Remember to leave/send me a message with the name and address of your friend/family member and what you would like me to write inside the card. That's it.



Size of card: +/- 11 x 15cm. That’s 4.25 x 6inches

Made using:  Digital print on card

Packaging:     Comes carefully wrapped to protect it whilst in transit to you.

Postage: Your order will be sent via letter box post.


More about me:

So this is me, the face of NancyeArtist. I’m Nancye, originally from a small village south of Plymouth England, now living in The Netherlands, in a small village south of Eindhoven. I’ve come full circle from the countryside to the town back to the countryside and I love it. I feel like I’m back home. There are no winding country lanes here, it’s all flat and open but it has it’s own beauty and the smells are just the same! Why am I still here I hear you ask? Well I found my soul mate just three years ago, a tall Dutch man, who will in August of this year, become my husband. So it’s all worth it!


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Additional information

Weight 48 kg

20 x 20cm, 30 x 30cm, 50 x 50cm


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